If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Vermland is based on a refined yet experimenting approach to product design, interiors and architecture, intertwining danish traditional crafts with an investigative interest in new materials and production techniques. 

Our architects and craftsmen work closely together which makes us able to experiment, draw and produce state of the art solutions directly from our workshop based in the heart of Copenhagen. 

We take a holistic approach to all projects, analysing and researching each client’s needs and desires to ensure the outcome is true to their identity and values. Our many years of experience within traditional joinery and spatial design gives us the opportunity to combine Scandinavian aesthetics with contemporary elements and ensures that our projects are relevant today – and in the time to come.   


Joakim Tolf Vulpius
Apprenticed as a cabinet maker at the renowned Copenhagen Joinery in 2009 and have specialised in the field ever since. Besides the joinery Joakim is educated as a designer from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Architure and Design with a degree in Spatial Design.

Anton Bak
Has worked as an architect for several years as a part of the new startup klein - in close collaboration with designer Søren Rose. Anton is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design, and has prior to that worked with Set-design, light and exhibition